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See your child in a new light with Relationship Development Intervention (RDITM), a family centered developmental approach for autism intervention.  RDI gives parents back their role as guides to their children.  Autism interrupts the feedback loop between child and parent, which can create a frustrating and overwhelming disconnect. 

Using RDI, I will guide you to understanding the disconnects that you have been experiencing and how to repair them so that your child can fully participate in the brain-changing guiding relationship with you.  The advancements in neuroscience have shown us how relationship connections change our brain and develop the pathways for flexibility, resiliency, agency, regulation and more.  Through the guiding relationship we learn how to learn from our experiences and apply our knowledge reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

After a comprehensive assessment I will create a custom family program for you which will introduce you to a new perspective about autism and the guiding relationship.  You will learn how to share everyday experiences with your child which will shape their brain with the ultimate goal of raising a thinker.

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