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Guiding Connections will use the Relationship Development Intervention (RDITM) to help you connect with your child with autism and guide them to new heights.

Guiding your Path

As a parent of a child with autism, I know first hand what a twisted path navigating a life including autism can be.  RDI can bring balance and confidence back into your life.  I can help you understand and connect with your child in a new way, which will allow you to be a responsive parent instead of a reactive parent.  Guiding you in the RDI methods, I will empower you, as a parent, and together we will put your child on a trajectory for cognitive growth, motivation, resiliency,  and problem solving.  Your child will head down a path that will allow them to thrive in today's dynamic world and improve their long term quality of life

I would love to hear your story and determine how we can transform your family's journey.

Connection is the Key  

Human Connection = Cognitive Growth

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